Voting Page

Voting page

You can vote for the server to keep it up on the lists and get awesome rewards!

How To Vote

On the CraftRealms website, look on the top navigation bar and click on the "Vote" tab. This will take you to the voting page. That also explains how voting works and what you get for voting. When you scroll down, you should see a voting window, that shows all the different voting pages you can vote on...all compressed into 1 page!

It's quick and easy! 


  • Top Voters gets the following: #1: 100 Website Points, #2: 75 Website Points, #3: 50 Website Points.
  • 10 Website Points per vote. Website points can be used to get items in-game (Please keep in mind that this is exclusive to premium users because of the website host)!
  • Survival Server - $250 / 100 XP per vote.
  • SkyWars Server - 100 points
  • Prison Server - 1 token per vote to be used in the Super Shop.
  • Creative Server - Your ingame chat name turns to blue.
  • Skyblock Server - 1 diamond per vote.
  • HungerGames Server - Random items that can help you ingame, one item per vote.
  • GTA Server - $200 per vote.
  • SuperCraftBros - 10 gems per vote.

Last updated: 11th November, 2014.