Tired of living, scared of dying.
Username Zamadomix69
Gender Male
Age 16
Staff Rank Super Moderator, Moderator
Associated Servers Skyblock, Creative, Towny, Pixelmon
Donor Rank Prestige
Date Joined CR November 9, 2013
Became Staff in Trial Moderator - July 25, 2014

Moderator - September 7, 2014

Recent Promotion Super Moderator - February 28, 2015

Moderator (Towny) - July 30, 2015

Status Active
Enjin Profile


Zamadomix69 is a Super Mod in the Skyblock server and the Creative server, and a Mod in the Towny server and the Pixelmon server. His personality isn't easily defined, but just don't get on his bad side, then you can become good friends with him.

He likes to post jokes on his Enjin Profile. He also sometimes makes Enjin Covers for others.


  • Zam
  • Zama
  • Zamado
  • Zamadomix
  • Zamsung
  • Zamaconda
  • Zamalamadingdong
  • Z69
  • Zam69
  • Spamadomix
  • Spamadomix69

Other Info

  • One of the Bridges Map Makers
  • Daemon Town's Mayor
  • HotBuns Member
  • Revenants (TGC) Faction Founder and Leader
  • SuperMember June 2014
  • Psychic Gym Leader in CR Pixelmon



  • Me gusta queso
  • hola me gusta queso
  • QUESO!!!
  • oye
  • Does anyone need help with something I can help with?